About Us

Class Act Delivery, Inc. was established in 1996 by Richard and Carrie McEvoy to provide “hands on” management of retail, wholesale and home delivery periodical distribution in the Western New York area.

Class Act Delivery currently services on a daily basis:

Approximately 3,000 Retail locations
Approximately 3,000 Home and Office Customers
Bulk Subscription Mailing Services
General Delivery Services.

We attribute our ability to diversify and grow to the dedicated, consistent integrity and service provided by our management and staff.  We currently employ a staff of 30 employees, 4 independent contract drivers and an independent contract consultant who prepares sworn affidavits (circulation reports) to publishers.

All Class Act Delivery managers have a minimum of 15 years experience in their area of expertise:

Richard McEvoy, President - Sales/Logistics
Carrie McEvoy, Vice President - Office Administration
Rick McEvoy, Jr. - Operations Manager

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to express our professional atmosphere, quick response and national focus by providing best practices in business, by timely servicing our customers and by opening doors to new opportunities.

Corporate Goals

Class Act Delivery customers are very important to the success of our company.  We devote our best efforts to providing excellent service to our customers.  Our associates who are equally important are the backbone of Class Act Delivery’s service policies.  They create a positive, helpful and efficient environment for our customers.  Our objective is the continuous development of a growing and prospering business environment through which both our associates and customers can benefit.  Our long range corporate goals are to diversify services, brand company image and broaden our market base by expanding nationally.